There are a lot of things that derail a photoshoot and the whole experience. These things can range from forgetting of vital equipment to overlooking the weather forecast aspect to not researching the location. While most of these eventualities are challenging to prepare for, there other many things a photographer can do to maximize the chances of things going smoothly during and after the shoot. This writeup gives a photographer checklist for what they should do before, during, and after a wedding ceremony photoshoot.

unlike regular studio photoshoots you get only one shot at a wedding photo shoot so plan ahead instead of regretting later.

Always plan ahead as anything can go wrong and be quick to fix the changes

What to check before the shoot

You must check all these 24 hours earlier before your big shoot.

  • Make a list- The list will include things you must do and pack them before the shoot. This will give you a physical list where you can cross every activity as you do them.
  • Charge everything, including the batteries you plan to use for the laptops, camera, two-way radios, and phones.
  • Test all your kit to make sure everything in the kit bag is working
  • Clean your gear
  • Clear the memory cards
  • Reset the camera settings and fluctuations
  • Release forms
  • Check out the location
  • Check the weather
  • Contact everyone working with you on the shoot.
  • Load the car
  • Make notes of all the essential details

Have a Personal Check list of shots that is iconic to you or your signature poses that reveal YOUR personal style.

What to check during the shoot

  1. Confirm if you have all the required gear with you
  2. Work closely with the other people working in the shoot.

iii. Take photos of the most important people first, for instance, the groom, the best man, and the minister.

  1. Capture the groom and the bridegroom reaction.
  2. Take photos of the wedding parties as they exchange rings and kiss.
  3. Make sure to shoot the crowd as they exit the venue.

vii. If you have teams communicates with them in advance what you have planned and gives your checklist to them or make a specific check list just for them.

viii. Enable Burst Mode To Take Burst of Images instead of single clicks so that you will never miss a important moment.

viii. Enable Autofocus Mode to Take Sharp images every time.

What to do after the shoot

There is not much to do after the photoshoot. However, the photos and the videos you took need editing, and this is the main task you have to do. Communicate with the bride and groom how they like their photos and videos before doing the editing.

A checklist for backing up photos

Sometimes things don’t go well, and you need a backup plan for your photos. This is why every photographer must have a backup checklist. After the photoshoot do the following;

  1. Establish an offsite backup
  2. Store it in a secure location

iii. Retrieve your offsite backup

  1. Update the offsite backup to include the newly captured data
  2. Once it is done, return the back to the offsite location

You can choose to use a hard drive for this purpose, but it is recommended that you use a cloud backup service like the Backblaze or CrashPlan. Cloud services are very

To sum up, photography becomes a hard task if you don’t prepare adequately especially if you are just starting your photography career. In this article, you realize that there is a lot to do before going for a photo shoot. These things matter a lot. They tell whether your photoshoot will be a success or a failure.

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