Types of Photography Styles

Photography has a long history from ancient times and has tremendously developed to modern times. Photography is an art that is valued and highly appreciated by many people. Photography uses either electronics or chemical means to produce an image of a person, object, or nature. In ancient times, most pictures and patterns were drawn on the walls and caves. Portraits of animals, tools, nature, and humans were drawn. This made what we can call the photography of that time. However, through discoveries and scientific research, new technologies to take photos were discovered. A camera was discovered that was and still is used to take photos. The camera has been on constant and continuous improvement to ensure improvement in the quality of the photographs. Nevertheless, even in modern times, most photographers specialize in just one type of photography probably due to a lack of relevant knowledge to differentiate the other time of photography. Experimenting with the various types of photography widens the knowledge and creativity skills of the photography profession.  This helps in building the foundation for a photography career. The following are different major types of photography.

  1. Portrait Photography

This is the most common style of photography that most people/photographers major in. It’s aimed at capturing the real features, personalities, and mood of a person or group. The photography focuses on the face and eyes of the person. It can either be candid or posed, full-body or close-ups. The photographer captures the exact expression, feelings, and emotions of the client hence the best photographer ensures the comfort, realism, and relaxed position of the client to capture the real and natural expressions. Examples of portrait photography includes; engagement photos, family photos, birthday photos, wedding photos, and professional headshots.

  1. Photojournalism

Photos can be used to tell a story such as a historic event. Therefore, photojournalism is meant to capture real, truthful, and trustworthy events or occasions. It’s a type of photography that captures events as they are or they took place in a picture form. It can be taken in planned or unplanned events and unscripted moments. Mostly, photojournalism photography is published in magazines, journals, and newspapers.

  1. Fashion photos

Fashion photography is meant to showcase fashions of clothing, shoes, and devices such as phones, televisions, computers, and also showcasing cars which are mostly published in magazines and online blogs, and websites. This type of photography has more opportunity for creativity in making distinct and attractive photos. Fashion photographs can be taken in different locations and fields such as studios, streets, and open fields, in the office and or at home.

  1. Architectural photography

Architectural photography is meant to capture both the interior and exterior designs of a building and structures. This type of photography is diverse and can include other diverse structures such as bridges, warehouses, and libraries. The main aim of architectural photography is to depict architectural, fascinating materials and colors used in the architects and other patterns. Designers, architects, investors, and leasing companies highly value architectural photographs.

To wrap up, the various genres of photography show and depict the high development in the photography field. The knowledge of diverse types of photographs will help to build a firm and progressive career.

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