Is wedding photography really expensive? Is it worth it?


“What? Are you serious? You only have a job for few hours. Why is wedding photography so costly?”
Well, these are some of the expected responses you are going to receive if you ask a wedding photographer for a quote. Just when you plan to ace your wedding planning in accordance to your budget, you will receive a severe shock from the photographers. While wedding photography is very important, it is equally expensive too.

Is wedding photography really that expensive?

Yes, you might seem that they are charging high for their services. But the truth is that wedding photography isn’t as expensive as it might appear to be. In fact, once you closely consider, you might think that they are charging a fair amount. Here are some of the reasons why.

Hard work and labor

A normal wedding is not about 3 to 4 hours. From pre shoots to post shoots, the wedding is bound to last at least 9 to 10 hours. While you may only attend the wedding for a couple of hours, the wedding photographer has to be there hours before the event begins. They will ensure to capture out all the small details that a normal person might be unable to figure out. From the bride and groom getting ready to the decorations, all the things will be captured in a flash.

The running around

No one from the family would be willing to ruin their wedding, whilst making sure that others enjoy. Throughout the wedding, you will see the photographers running around, taking candid beautiful pictures of the guests and everyone. They will try their best to make sure that no moment is missed by them. Moreover, there will be a team of photographers spread around the wedding venue making sure that they have got every possible corner covered. Taking around 1,000 pictures running around can prove to be a draining job.


Many people believe that the job of the wedding photographers end once the event day ends. Well, not really. Have you ever wondered why they take around 2 to 3 weeks in giving out the wedding photos? Well, that’s because they are working on them. Taking around 1,000 pictures is not easy, agreed. However, editing each one of them makes the entire work doubled up. They try and make sure that each photograph is perfect with the right amount of lightning and effects. This is something that you will not receive from a normal photographer.

The cameras

Another important reason why wedding photographers may seem to charge more is because of their equipment. The cameras that these photographers use cost a lot. Each lens would cost around 300 to 400 dollars. Not only this, but they also carry backup equipments in case something goes wrong. This is to ensure that there are no lags in the photoshoot. Similarly, if the wedding also involves videography, then special cameras are brought by the team. You can get the best wedding videography services in Melbourne through ATEIA Photography. Make sure you don’t miss out page for the latest details.

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