How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Venue

There are many things that can help create your perfect wedding day, from the perfect dress to the perfect soundtrack. Out of all these things, perhaps the most important thing you’ll need to pick is the venue. After all, this is where everything takes place, and depending on the venue, they might also be doing your catering, decorating, and more. Follow these tips to choose the right wedding venue.

Take tours

While glossy brochures and websites are alluring, it’s important that you go and see a place in person to get an idea of the vibe. Most wedding venues in Sydney will be happy to give you a grand tour, so you can get an idea of what’s on offer and the potential of the place. This is also a good chance to ask lots of questions and ensure you pick the right place.

Think about the practicalities

It’s important to choose a venue that’s practical. Details to think about include:

  • Proximity to transport
  • Whether there are places to stay nearby
  • Overall capacity
  • Ease of bringing things into the venue – i.e. rental furniture, catering equipment
  • Whether it’s licenced for ceremonies

If the venue is out of the way, for example, somewhere down winding rural roads, you may need a plan to transport your guests. If you can’t have your ceremony there, you may have to do the legal bit separately, which doesn’t work for all couples.

Choose a place to suit your style

Couples who are laidback and informal may not suit a fancy venue with formal facilities, while those who want a wedding with all the romantic extras might not find outdoor venues work for them. It’s all about thinking about the style of your wedding and finding a place that matches it accordingly. This sets the tone for the entire day and means you don’t end up working against the style of your venue, for example, trying to set up a formal sit-down meal in a field is quite a chore.

The right venue can make all your other details fall into place. That’s why it’s worth looking for the venue first, then deciding on the other details once this has been chosen. Venue searches aren’t easy, so you should take your time and go with your gut. Consider making a wish list of what your perfect venue would have, so you can tick things off the list when you are searching.

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