Get an Amazing Wedding Videography for Your Wedding

Weddings can be very expensive. From flowers to food, to the cost of the venue and music it can become very stressful and hard to stay on budget. You may have a very tight budget and have to start making some decisions about what you really need at your wedding. A videographer is an essential part of your wedding that will capture your special day.

You may think that you can’t afford a videographer but there are a few companies that will provide you with affordable wedding videography. Make sure you capture memories of your wedding day that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Host Both the Ceremony and Reception at the Same Venue 

Where you choose to have your nuptials and reception can affect your videography prices. Having the wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue will allow you to get more video footage since you do not have to travel to different places. This can even help you cut costs on rentals and venue prices.

Shoot only the Ceremony and the First Half of The Reception 

Minimize the amount of time you will need a videographer. They can film the ceremony cocktail hour and the first portion of your reception. By shooting the first half of your ceremony the videographer will be able to shoot the important aspects like your entrance, toasts, first dance, and the cutting of the cake.

 Structure your reception so these events are positioned at the beginning of your reception, then your guest can capture any fun moment the rest of the night. This way you can have amazing pictures withing reach before the night ends,

Skip the raw footage

Many videographers send couples raw unedited footage so you can preview it before they begin editing. This is so you can highlight any special moments or footage you want to include or exclude. If you desire the raw footage to share with your family the videographer may include this feature in your bundle.

If this feature is not included in your bundle exclude it. It is not worth the additional cost since you may not even watch the unedited footage since it maybe five hours long. If you are struggling to watch it your friends and family will struggle to get through the footage. Choose a highlight real and the standard video that is one hour in length.

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