5 Ways to Sell Photos and Increase Your Income as a Photographer

When you started out in photography, chances are that making money might not have been your main goal. But as time went on, the idea of making a profit out of your skills grew in your mind.

If you want to sell photos and turn your passion into a career, here are 5 ways that you can make money selling photos.

  1. Sell stock photos

You can sell photos and earn a passive income. This is by selling your photos through third-party websites which sell stock photos.

Chances are that you have many photos that you might not even be using. Instead of leaving these photos lying around, why not find high-quality images that someone can put to good use and sell them.

To do this, you need to sign up for an account with a site that sells stock photos. You will then need to upload your photos while ensuring to give the photos a good description and tags. This will enable users to easily find the photos that they are looking for.

Consider joining multiple stock selling sites. Just be careful not to break any rules of the sites that you join.

  1. Join photo contests

There are many photo contests that take place online. Do your research and find contests that you are eligible to participate in. Most contests have a mix of new and experienced photographers, so no need to be worried that you are not good enough to win.

Do your best and follow the rules and guideline provided to increase your chances of winning. If you end up winning, you could win a cash prize or even a contract that could see you getting more work as a photographer.

The good news is that even if you do not end up winning the award, the experience and exposure gained from being a participant in the contest will be quite useful, and it will give you more exposure for your work.

  1. Sell photography services to magazines and newspapers

Sell photography services by working with magazines and newspapers as a freelancer. This is a good part time opportunity that could eventually turn into a good fulltime gig over time.

Get in touch with the local dailies and magazines around your area and see if they have any work that you can do for them. Then work on building your portfolio. This will help you get better gigs in future.

  1. Start your own photography business

Consider starting your own photography business. For this to work out, choose a niche to specialize in. For instance, you can sell photography services as a food photographer, wedding photographer or a newborn photographer.

Being a niche photographer increases your chances of being highly paid and helps you to target your customers better. This is a much more preferred option than being a general photographer.


In conclusion, to make money selling photos, consider dabbling in multiple aspects of photography and taking photos, so as to beef up your income.

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